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About us

Eaglestone is a cutting-edge real estate developer, specialising in investment and real estate development. Our innovative urban vision, our operational efficiency and the bold projects that we develop are all strengths that make the difference.

We have earned a reputation for the work and living spaces that we create, which all have high added value, combining sustainable development with contemporary architecture, in which art and design are inextricably linked with an urban dimension.

Discover our residential projects and our investment projects


Eaglestone acquires "Treves" building and continues its expansion in the European district.

On 10 September 2020, Eaglestone acquired the building on the corner of Rue de Trèves and Rue de Toulouse in 1040 Brussels. The property was previously home for nearly 20 years to the Construction, Industry and Energy section of the CSC trade union.

Compagnie du Bois Sauvage acquires stake in the Eaglestone Group

Compagnie du Bois Sauvage has acquired a 30% stake in Eaglestone Group sàrl, the central holding company of the European real-estate group Eaglestone.

Eaglestone is developing a new project : "L'Orne"

On July 27, Eaglestone Group acquired the company “Jardins de l'Orne” SA, owner and holder of the permits for the redevelopment of the former paper mills...

De l'Art pour sublimer la brique

Spécialiste dans le développement et l’investissement immobiliers en Belgique, au Luxembourg et maintenant en France, Eaglestone prend le parti depuis...

Interview: Post-crisis real estate. What is the future for investors?

La sortie du confinement a rameuté quantité de candidats acquéreurs sur le marché. Les agents immobiliers sont surpris par la vigueur de la demande. Mais...

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