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Avenue Prince de Liège 74
5100 Jambes
October 2023


We listen to the needs of companies and their employees and have designed bright and stimulating work spaces in an open and airy environment. Aquilis focuses on comfort, functionality, energy efficiency and modularity. Open space, partitioned or mixed? It's up to you to imagine the configuration that best suits your organisation.

  • Works: 2021
  • Surface area: 9.787 sqm
  • Amenities: Stations, bus, and major roads. Green surroundings
  • Environment: green surroundings, situated near a number of shops
  • 119 parking spaces


This real estate project has created a new, mixed neighbourhood, with housing and offices, which is seamlessly incorporated in a magnificent landscaped green expanse. The project consists of an ambitious building complex, with a total surface area of 30,000 sqm. The office space, which complies with the highest energy performance and environmental standards, covers 20,500 sqm.

The offices are situated in three buildings: Building A with a surface area of approx. 5,000 sqm, Building B/C with a surface area of approx. 10,000 sqm, and Building D which has already been completed and is occupied by a company called Atradius                                    

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