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Investing in real estate
Our project, your return

A new apartment is a smart investment. You add value to the property you buy, reaping the fruit of this in the long term. Renting out your apartment also generates additional revenue, assuring financial stability and fewer fluctuations compared with an investment on the stock market. 

We have a wide range of investment properties for you, that all offer an optimal price/quality ratio, combined with the kind of follow-up that gives you peace of mind.

Your investment in 3 steps



We help you identify your needs, now and in the future. Your situation and your expectations: private/company - pension savings - tax optimisation - succession or estate planning.



We will assist you and determine with you which investment properties are best suited to your requirements: location - type of asset - expected return, etc.



You maximise your investment with the help of our partners: a manager who rents out your property - a furnishing solution for your apartment.

We guarantee the return on your real estate investment.

Yield of 4% guaranteed

Investors in times of economic uncertainty have always sought safer alternatives to invest their money, wondering where they can confidently place it.

That's exactly what "RISE" offers.

Our real estate investment product has been designed to assist you in achieving your financial goals without taking unnecessary risks in volatile markets.

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