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Rue Neerveld 101
1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Planning permission progress
Planning permission progress

"For a well balanced-life"
Benoit Galoux - CCO Eaglestone

Pronounced “Double You”, to echo the balanced union of your different facets: the urban part of you and the part of you that dreams of nature and greenery.  Living at The W means choosing “and” instead of “or”. It’s choosing balance, in the heart of an inspiring environment that will satisfy your quest for quality of life and wellbeing.

  • Partner : ArtBuild Architects

"For a perfect harmony between existing and new"
Nathalie Mommaert - Project Manager

The architectural challenge posed by The W was to unify the conversion of a former office building and a new construction, by using the same language, to make a residential complex developed in the heart of an environment that offers a landscaped green space conducive to conviviality. Strong architectural gestures impose a new reading of the building. Wooden planks, crossing both the site and each of the common spaces, are a unifying element around the project.  The exterior layout consists of different spaces distinguished by elegant garden furniture and a plant palette composed of various species that encourage the art of living together, interaction and serenity.

“For a universe that fits you”
Diane Busselen Residential - Customer Advisor

From studios to 3-bedroom penthouses, these apartments are designed to offer you the perfect balance between absolute comfort and a connection with nature. Quality materials have been carefully selected to offer finishes that come in two different variations: Design and Premium.  The use of natural elements, the combination of light and dark colours, add a unique character to your interior. The fitted kitchens, with their contemporary and stylish design, are made to measure for each type of apartment. Your terrace and/or the generous glass surfaces in your apartment open onto a beautiful and relaxing setting full of trees.

“For a green dimension”
Grégoire Dieudonné - Project Director

The W has been designed to provide you with all modern comforts and a nature-friendly environment. To achieve this, Eaglestone has collaborated with CO2 Logic to draw up a carbon footprint and calculate the climate impact of the construction phase and use of the future building to ultimately achieve carbon neutrality. As a result of this approach, more than 13,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent will be offset.  Carbon offsetting, rainwater recovery, wooden construction and the priority given to soft mobility on the site, make The W a project that is actively committed to an environmentally responsible approach.


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