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Boulevard Henri Rolin 2
1410 Waterloo



Planning permission progress
Planning permission progress

WoW.... Waterloo naturellement

Located in the heart of Waterloo, the Wow project create a connection between the city and nature. With a visual breakthrough between the buildings, it link Boulevard Henri Rolin to the municipal park.

Spread over four buildings, WoW is a mixed-use complex offering 42 apartments with shops on the ground floor, office and three single-family homes. An underground car park is shared by the site's users: residents, shopkeepers, customers and workers.

Reflecting an innovative vision and developed in collaboration with the architectural firm "SI Studio", WoW offers different types of housing, depending on the building: from classic housing to grouped housing and but also "kangaroo" housing to single-family homes.

  • apartments, houses, shops and office space
  • Carbon neutrality, biodiversity enhancement, rainwater treatment and soft mobility
  • Amenities: major strategic routes, station, bus
  • Environment: dynamic, with a strong cultural link

Un quartier de liaison

With its strategic location, at the crossroads of the Chaussée de Bruxelles and the Boulevard Henri Rolin, and on the edge of the Jules Descampe municipal park, this district has exceptional potential. WoW is integrated into this ecosystem and takes up the green framework of the park, which becomes a central element of the architectural and aesthetic reflection.

Located in the centre of Waterloo, close to shops, restaurants, schools and other facilities, WoW is also easily accessible, whatever the chosen mode of mobility. Finally, only 2 minutes from the exit of the Brussels Ring Road and within walking distance of Waterloo Station, the area is directly connected to the main communication axes and benefits from facilities to encourage soft mobility.


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