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Digue du Canal 109
1070 Anderlecht
November 2021

"Where the city
meets the water"

Benoit GALOUX, CCO Eaglestone

Atlantis has cast anchor along Digue du Canal in Anderlecht, which takes you straight into the city of Brussels.  Its remarkable and ambitious architecture is an affirmation of people’s desire to re-appropriate the canal banks. In a sense, Atlantis is very complementary yet at the same time very different from our Nautilus project because of its contemporary design and avant-garde identity. It strikes a perfect balance between the ambience of the old industrial neighbourhoods and the peaceful atmosphere of a waterfront location.

"Water and city
as a living environment"

Natacha Mertens, Marketing & Communication Manager Eaglestone

Cycle down the canal banks to the centre of Brussels and its trendy neighbourhoods. The cultural Tour & Taxis site and the Dansaert fashion and design neighbourhood are just a short walk away. You also have easy access to public transport and the major motorways.

"Inspired by the industrial heritage
of the Brussels canal zone"

Ivana Srsen, Axent Architects

Atlantis, which was designed by the Axent architecture firm, is similar in style to the nearby Nautilus project. They both have underground car parks for the residents and shops, and both have a unique urban development concept, which is heavily geared towards services. The 84-apartment building has a green roof.

"Create a universe that
looks like you"

Diane BUSSELEN, Residential Customer Advisor Eaglestone

All the units, whether a studio or a four-bedroom apartment, are designed to make maximum use of the available space, with sustainability in mind. The large glass windows that offer unbeatable views of the canal and the city of Brussels contribute to the apartments' sun-drenched interiors. Enjoy the unique ambience of a trendy and welcoming interior, with materials in light colours and elements that have been meticulously chosen, in keeping with the project’s identity and environment. Your new universe can be summed up in three words: comfort, modernity and well-being.


  • Atlantis - Kitchen
  • Atlantis - Kitchen
  • Atlantis - Kitchen
  • Atlantis - Kitchen
  • Atlantis - Bathroom
  • Atlantis - Bathroom
  • Atlantis - Bedroom
  • Atlantis - Hall
  • Atlantis - Livingroom

"A Greenest City"
Therecia Landell, CDO Eaglestone

Atlantis’s energy-efficient apartments were built from the most modern materials, using all the latest techniques. Architectural design, optimum management of thermal losses, heat generation and heat recovery ventilation are all factors that enable us to ensure that our tenants are comfortable throughout the seasons, while limiting energy consumption to meet the most stringent environmental criteria.


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